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23 May 2012 @ 06:03 pm
GACKT Meme  

Stolen from cmsgackt :D

1. Where were you when you heard your first GACKT song?
Now Hear This (a local CD store that went out of business long ago). The owner had a stack of new arrived CDs on the counter and the Mizérable CD was in the mix. I asked him what it was and his response was, "no clue." He opened it and I was already planning on buying it when I heard the intro, then the voice came on and all I could say was, "gimme". XD

2. What was the first video you saw?

3. Have you been to a live show? (If so which one(s), when, and where)
Not yet.

4. First CD you purchased?

5. Did you listen to the entire CD start to finish?
Yes, but there's not many songs on it. :p

6. How would you feel if he decided to retire?
I would be sad, but I'd be behind his decision. Plus something tells me if he did do it, he probably wouldn't stay retired. x)

7. Which song best captures the feel of 'GACKT'?
Love Letter.

8. Would you play a GACKT song at your wedding? (which one?)
I don't ever plan on getting married.

9. Would you play a GACKT song at your funeral? (which one?)
I don't ever plan on dying. (Bwahaha)

10. If you met GACKT tomorrow, what would you say?
It would be in correlation with some of the e-mails he's responded to. So a little too personal for me to want to post.

11. If GACKT were a pie...what flavor?
Don't care, I'd eat him regardless. :x

12. Do you remember what picture you first put up on your wall?
Hmm... I didn't necessarily find him attractive until "Last Song" came out. Once I heard that song I went from casual fan to the obsessive freak I am now. But the first poster I ever owned was this one:

13. Have you ever Cosplayed as GACKT or any band member?

Song: Last Song
Album: Diabolos and RE:BORN
PV: Last Song
Live: DruG Party
TV Appearance: はねるのトびら (Hundred Yen Shop Episode)
Commercial: Mmmm...Dwango :9
Photobook: 君が追いかけた夢

Photoshoot: Rec (2001.01)

Outfit: Anything with a white button down partially (or fully) unbuttoned...Sadly I can only think of one photoshoot immediately. o.O

Hairstyle: I'm not too picky, but I think I have a soft spot for this style:

Dorky moment:

G.JOB member: I guess ChaCha.
Ex-G.JOB member: Kind of indifferent here.
Character: Yoshi.

Best vocals: Last Song and the falsetto part of 斬~ZAN~
Best Lyrics: Last Song and Faraway
Best guitar line: No particular favorite.
Best bass line: No particular favorite.
Best drum line: No particular favorite.
Best piano: 野に咲く花のように (pf.style)
Best intro: Ever
Best ending: 届カナイ愛ト知ッテイタノニ抑エキレズニ愛シ続ケタ…
Best acoustic: Last Song
Best ballad: Last Song
Best visuals: サクラソウ

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